Choosing a Product to Sell Online – E-commerce Platforms

Choosing a Product to Sell Online – E-commerce Platforms

The success on your journey to becoming a webpreneur lies on the ability to choose a product or service to sell online in your virtual store. Making the wrong choice leads to high losses or zero income and the vice versa is true. However, there is a ray of products and services that seem to be perfect and profitable according to your view.

But wait, which is the best product/service do will you offer? If already you have made a choice, did you do critical analysis about the product? To help you answer these questions, here are five things you should consider when choosing a product to sell online:

Your passion for the product

Certainly, passion and success walk hand in hard. Rarely, will you find a successful person without a passion for their area of hassle. If you love a product selling and promoting it will be more like a walk in the park. You will be ready to tell everyone about it. You will share the link to the product on all your social pages and give your prospect a reason why they should purchase it.

Hence, your product of choice should tally well with your passion for you to succeed on the e-commerce platforms.

Your area of expertise

Apart from passion, when making a decision on the product to offer on your online store, you need to put into account your area of specialization. Obviously, you customers will pose questions to you before making their buying decisions. How well you answer their question, the easier you will convert them into clients.

Also, the nature and reliability of information on your online store site will determine whether viewers will become leads or not. As such, it is essential to offer products that are in line with you area of knowledge.  

The demand for the product

Accordingly, before choosing a product to sell online, it is essential to assess the demand for that product. As the business consultants will tell you, it is always important to do a feasibility study on demand of the product you’re looking on to offer in your online store. You need to determine whether there exists a gap in the market and if people need the product frequently.

Without taking these aspects into account, you will be wasting your time and money trying to sell ice cream in the North Pole towns. Hence, taking in to account the demand for your product of choice is important.

The global distribution of the product

Naturally, products are limited in some geographic regions and abundantly available in others. As a webpreneur, considering this aspect can turn to be a blessing or a fortune to your online store productivity. However, you need to perform effective research as well as assess the costs of facilitating the product from the region of low demand to where it is needed.

Source of the product

Though it appears last in this list, it is a critical factor to put into account when choosing a product to sell online. You have to consider where you will source your products from to sell them online. You can either make the products such as e-books or purchase them from producers or manufacturers through a process known as drop shipping. However, you have to consider the costs and risks involved in each method of sourcing your products. Once you decide what your product offering will be, you can choose a platform like Shopify, where you can create an ecommerce.


All in all, to be a success in the e-commerce platform, it is essential to make the right choice of your products to sell online. Essentially, the product of your choice should tally well with your expertise and passion. As well, you should consider the demand and the source of your products.
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